Monmouthshire Masons - New Years Message 2020

New Years Message 2020


The last 12 months has been another good year for Freemasonry in the Province.

I confirmed at Provincial Grand Lodge in October last, that we had made significant progress in many directions through the course of the preceding year in pursuit of our quest to build for the future. Membership is a key area and once again we are very pleased to welcome many new Members and we fraternally send them our very best wishes for a long and happy association with us here in Monmouthshire.

Reciprocally, we mourn the loss of numerous very valued Members throughout the course of 2019.

Our new Provincial Data Base is almost complete, thanks to the tireless efforts of WBro Alan Mohide.

We have once again achieved very positive promotion into our local communities through our association with the South Wales Argus and we have maintained our support of those Communities through local charities and organisations and through our own Members unselfishly and freely giving their own time to help others.

The History Group has completed phase 1 of its work and the fledgling Clay Shooting Club has already achieved outstanding success.

The annual Monte Carlo charity run once again gave us International prominence.

None of this happens without the hard work and dedication of numerous Masons across the Province and I thank you all for everything that you do in support of local Freemasonry.

2019 saw the launch of our cyclical Charity Festival (2024) in favour of the Masonic Charitable Foundation which is a 5 year commitment for the Province and to which I ask you all to subscribe as you feel able and appropriate to your personal circumstances.

Last year we saw a great deal of extra money come into Monmouthshire from the MCF, most notably in favour of the disadvantaged Young and the Elderly and we must repay that generosity. Support of the ever more successful Hogs Head event held in July was a crucial factor in that.

Please continue your full and enthusiastic support for our wonderful organisation and enjoy a great deal of fun in doing so.

I wish you a very happy, healthy and successful New Year. Sincerely and fraternally yours.

Richard G Davies.
Provincial Grand Master.