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Masonic Mentoring

Mentoring in Monmouthshire has been identified as a priority for the Province by our Provincial Grand Master, The Rev Malcolm C.G,Lane J.P. It is an accepted fact that recent years have seen a steady decline in the number of Freemasons within the United Kingdom. That is not all, two further worrying trends compound the situation. Many of our newer brethren leave within the first 5 years of their Masonic life and the number of active masons in each lodge is generally declining.

The Monmouthshire Provincial Mentoring scheme is now established in all of the Masonic centres across the Province with the objective of ensuring that every member receives the right level of support, information and encouragement to help them enjoy, and benefit from, their Freemasonry. In 2009 a Provincial Grand Mentor was appointed. He is W.Bro David Powell of Crystal Lodge 4562. W.Bro David has held a number of seminars in venues around the Province where he and the Craft Education and training Officer, W.Bro Dr Robert Fountain, have explained the philosophy and purpose of mentorship. At these seminars, resource packs were circulated. For those that were unable to attend the seminars resource packs were sent by registered Post.

A year has now passed which has given the lodges time to experiment and develop their mentoring practice. W.Bro David has now commenced a series of workshops to review mentoring practice and identify those processes that work and those that don’t at the same sharing helpful suggestions and tips between lodge mentors.

The Provincial Grand Master has given consent to the awarding of a Lodge Mentors lapel Badge at each Lodge installation. This is designed to reinforce the importance of this position within the lodge and acknowledge the importance that the Provincial Grand Master attaches to it. Grand Lodge have passed a motion to elevate the status of Lodge Mentor to a formal position with its own collar within the lodge. We will doubtless hear more about this soon.

With guidance that has emanated from the Provincial Education and Training Group, Lodges have been asked to appoint a Lodge Mentor to select and assign a suitable personal mentor for each new candidate. Although initial efforts are being focussed on new members, the principle of ongoing personal development enshrined in the scheme is beginning to gain currency in Lodges around the Province . This added benefit will ensure that Brethren who are about to take office or assume other responsibilities, whether at Lodge, Provincial or Grand Lodge level , can do so with confidence.

W Bro. David Powell will be holding a series of Mentorship workshops for both new and experienced Lodge Mentors or their lodge representatives at Pontypool Masonic Hall, Trosnant on :

Friday 30th November 2012, Thursday 6th,of December, 2012 Tuesday 15th January 2013, Thursday 24th January 2013, Tuesday 12th February 2013, Thursday 21st Feb 2013.

To start at 7:00 pm and finish no later than 9:00pm

It will only be necessary for Mentors to attend one of these workshops which are designed to:

  1. Give new Lodge Mentors the requisite information and resources to organize and carry out their duties within  their lodges.
  2. Update all Lodge Mentors on developments in resource availability within the Province of Monmouthshire.
  3. Present information on the Grand Lodge Ambassadors for Freemasonry initiative.

Lodge Mentors who wish to attend one of the above workshops should contact W Bro. David Powell either by Phone, Text or Email