Monmouthshire Masons - Suggested Reading list for New and Old Lodge Members

Reading list

SuggestedReading list
for New and Old Lodge Members
Carr, H.The Freemason at Work1976
Smyth, F. A.Reference Book for FreemasonsQCCC Ltd., 1998
Carter, C. J.The Director of CeremoniesLewis, 1989
The Inner Guard and the DeaconsLewis, 1990
The Lodge AlmonerLewis, 2001
The Lodge SecretaryLewis, 1991
The Wardens, the Chaplain,
the Immediate Past Master,
the Past Masters
Lewis, 2001
Coil, H. W.Coil’s Masonic Encyclopaedia
Dyer, C.Symbolism in Craft Freemasonry1976
Hamill, J.The CraftPaperback 1986
Hamill, J. &
Gilbert, R.A.
A Celebration of the Craft
World Freemasonry:
An Illustrated History
Horne, A.King Solomon’s Temple in the Masonic Tradition1971
Jackson, K. B.Beyond the craft2nd Edition Revised - Paperback 1982
Jones, B. E.Freemason’s Guide and CompendiumRevised Edition 1956
Freemason’s Book of the Royal Arch1957 Reprinted 1980
MacNulty, W. K.Freemasonry:
A Journey through Ritual and Symbol
Secrets, Symbols, Significance
Pace, M deIntroducing FreemasonryPaperback
Pick, F. L. &
Knight, G. N.
The Pocket History of Freemasonry8th Edition - Revised by Frederick Smyth. 1991
Stevenson, D.The Origins of Freemasonry1988
Ward, J. S. M.The EA’s HandbookLewis, Paperback 1923
The FC’s HandbookLewis, Paperback 1923
The MM’s BookLewis, Paperback 1923
Wilmshurst, W. L.The Meaning of Masonry1925