Local Charity

Local Freemasons regularly identify and financially benefit good and deserving causes within the confines of our local area, commensurate to the boundaries of the old County of Gwent. This is done by Freemasons acting individually on their own initiative, by any one of the 29 Lodges in the Province recognising and responding to appropriate need and by the Province itself, identifying worthy and needy causes for the benefit of local communities with emphasis on the young, the vulnerable, those who are unwell and the elderly. At times local charity works in direct conjunction with our national charity, the MCF.

The start of 2020 saw Freemasonry in Monmouthshire giving grants of £5,000 each to both the St David’s Foundation (ring fenced for Hospice purposes) and to ‘Cyfannol’ the local Women’s Aid Charity in Abergavenny (serving the whole of our local area, except Newport) - total £10,000.

The early part of March brought with it the Covid-19 lockdown. Immediately, and throughout the lockdown period to date (26.05.20), freemasonry has responded promptly and generously to local need in direct relation to our present circumstances. To date, a sum in excess of £55,000 has been donated to charity through monitoring donations and the direct purpose of much needed supplies for local communities to support our current health crisis.

That amounts to local community support through charitable giving from Freemasonry in Monmouthshire in 2020 of £65,000 alone to date and with more support under active consideration.

See also: Response to Covid 19.

Other than for the individual Lodges themselves, who each hold modest charitable funds, the main charitable vehicle at the disposal of Freemasons in Monmouthshire is the Monmouthshire Masonic Trust Fund created in 1997  specifically to assist and benefit the inhabitants and communities of the former County of Gwent.

The Monmouthshire Masonic Trust Fund 1997

The Trust was created in 1997 specifically to benefit the people of our area, particularly the young, the vulnerable, those with health issues and the elderly together with the churches and the chapels in our locality. Funds held by the Trust have all come directly from the pockets of Freemasons in Monmouthshire.

The Trust made an initial gift of £110,000 to the then fledgling Children’s  Hospice - Ty Hafan near Barry - serving our children here, and a further sum of £50,000 was donated to Ty Hafan in 2013 for the purchase of technology to aid patient communication.

The Trust Fund has since donated a further £750,000 to local charities and organisations for the direct benefit of our local communities and the inhabitants who populate them.

Monmouthshire Freemasons take great pride that its Trust Fund has distributed in excess of £900,000 to and for the benefit of our local communities since 1997