Freemason's Charity

The basic precepts of Freemasonry teach a new member to have great regard for all human beings without account of any religious or political consideration. This lies at the heart of Freemasonry. Charitable instincts inevitably arise from this precept and are actively encouraged.

Charity presents itself in many forms:
  • Looking after another
  • Looking out for another
  • Helping another with time
Freemasons, being integrated members of local communities, unselfishly give countless hours of their time in helping others:
  • Coaching local Sport - children and youth
  • Coaching national sport
  • Mentoring within the Women's Aid programme
  • Actively supporting the Elderly Isolation in the Community Programme - Age Cymru
  • Assistance with medical and hospital appointments
  • Fund raising for local charities

The list is endless.

Giving money to local charities and good causes.

Making regular payments to support national charities and international disaster relief.

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In terms of individual contributions, Freemasons regularly contribute in three different areas:
  • Assisting the widows and family of deceased members, local charities and good causes on their own doorstep.
  • Contributing to our own local charity the 'Monmouthshire Masonic Trust Fund 1997', which itself regularly and annually distributes substantial sums of money throughout our communities across the former County of Gwent for the benefit of the population at large. Over £600,000 has been distributed over the last 20 years.
  • Contributing to the Freemasons National Charity - 'the Masonic Charitable Foundation' ('MCF')

Once in every 11 years, Freemasons in the Province of Monmouthshire are asked to contribute to the funds of the MCF. The collection process is called a 'Charity Festival' culminating in a very large sum of money being paid to our National Charity for its continuing good work.

In 2003, the Province raised £1.4M for the MCF under the Presidency of the then Provincial Grand Master, M. John Hughes.

In 2013, the Province raised £1.24M for the MCF under the Presidency of the then Provincial Grand Master, the Reverend Malcolm C. G. Lane JP.

In 2019, the Province of Monmouthshire embarked upon its current charity festival under the Presidency of the Provincial Grand Master Richard G. Davies in favour of the MCF, which will culminate in 2024. The vast majority of all monies collected comes directly from the pockets of Freemasons.

The MCF supports:

Our Freemasonry community here in South East Wales where help is necessary and appropriate.

Other charitable projects in South East Wales, particularly targeting the vulnerable/disadvantaged young and the elderly.

Notable ongoing sponsorships are the Jamie's Farm project at Monmouth (vulnerable youth), the School for Hard Knocks (disadvantaged youth), the Elderly in Isolation programme in conjunction with Age Cymru and most recently substantial financial support for the Charity 'Contact'- the Better Together project offering activities to disabled children and their siblings.

National charities, including immediate aid and relief for national disasters, e.g. the donation to cover the cost of a brand new life boat, flooding in the Somerset Levels, West Yorkshire and more recently, the Taff, the Severn & Wye Valleys.

The Royal College of Surgeons over a period of many many years by providing five annual bursaries for use by the Royal College in the advancement of excellence in clinical procedures and techniques through post Graduate Research: key hole surgery, hip and knee replacements, prostate and breast cancer, robotics and early diagnosis for septicaemia are recent notable areas research producing break through results.

The urgent financial needs of international disasters abroad via our partner, the Red Cross. Notable examples are the Thailand tsunami disaster, the New Zealand South Island earthquake and more recently hurricane storm relief in the West Indies, British Virgin Islands etc and the very recent Australian bush fires.

Substantial payments, up to a quarter of a million pounds, can be made within 24/48 hours of a disaster occurring.

And much, much more.

In 2017/18 the MCF distributed £45M in charitable payments.

In 2018/19 the figure had risen to £48M.

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