Freemasons Response to Covid-19

The Covid-19 crisis has without any doubt been a national emergency and nowhere more so than here in South East Wales. With London, our local area peaked before much of the rest of the UK, and it was the Royal Gwent Hospital, largely due to its very large catchment area, that bore the brunt of the local challenge. We feel that all would agree that the doctors, nurses and staff of the Aneurin Bevan UHB together with health care workers throughout the area rose to the challenge presented to them magnificently yet selflessly. Although lives were lost, as was inevitable, many more were saved, and this platform gives all Freemasons in Monmouthshire the opportunity to express admiration and most sincere thanks to all those who fought this dreadful virus on behalf of others 'at the sharp end'. We salute you all.

Freemasons have suffered lockdown along with the rest of the Communities. Nonetheless we have been extremely proactive in identifying needs and the urgency of those needs, and we are extremely proud to have given solid and tangible support to the fight against the virus by donating over £55,000 to health care and the vulnerable.

Most recently we have identified the trauma of isolation through the enforcement of lockdown across the community, particularly in the elderly and the vulnerable as being a trigger for mental health issues. In order to help in this difficult area we have joined forces with the MIND organisation and have pledged the sum of £15,000 across the four MIND offices locally which we sincerely trust will make a substantial difference to the lives of those caught up in the awful net of isolation.

Similarly with regard to domestic violence, and having already donated £5,000 earlier this year to Cyfannol, the Women’s Aid charity in Abergavenny (covering all of old Monmouthshire other than Newport) and being mindful that this area has substantially increased through lockdown, we now pledge £4,000 to Women’s Aid in Newport to assist their continuing and very necessary good work.

The consideration of 'urgent need' is kept constantly under review should further help be required.

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To date we have assisted:

Patient comforts1,350
iPads x 113,646
Vulnerable Families1,000
Food Bank
Newport, 'Feed Newport'1,000
Newport, 'Stow Park'750
Acetate and visor raw material800
One Square Meal - Newport500
Scrubs - Healthcare Workers2,000
MIND - Mental Health15,000
Women's Aid Newport4,000
National Charity donation to
benefit community charities
Donations to 31st May 202055,046